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With our FREEsport option our board sports simulators are real multisport equipment.


Our exclusive tilting boarding area allows a quick switch from artificial waves sports mode to towed water sports mode.


Towed water sports: Flat board area

Wave sports : Tilt board area

Many disciplines as possible through this surface that allows everyone, even the youngest, to practice towed sports, to move from one sport to another and improve very fast.


 Makes people addicted!


Towed body : Available from three years old, this activity is perfect to discover the pleasure of riding.


Kneeboard : On your knee, the start is easy.


Tubbing : Up to three at a time, get a lot of fun and challenges.


Wakesurf : Next to surf, the board is large to keep the control and improve your level.


Wakeboard : As snowboard but on water, your feet are linked to the board. You will push on the carre, jump and turn with a high speed.


Wakeskate : Next to skateboard, feel free to test « holly », flip and varials. You miss, take your board and start again.


Wakeski : Your skis are short, feel ready to ski parallel and take the carre to enjoy.


Canoe : Easy to train and get the control to profit from your next experience in natural environment.


 Many activities available to suit everyone's preferences!


Wave sports are incredible activities but require a good fitness and to know how practice boardsport.


Master the powerful of MADEA wave to make the show!


Surf / Flowboard :  initiated persons, recreate that feeling of freedom riding the MADEA wave!


Bodyboard : To practice lied down or on your knees, you will discover the slope and enjoy with your friends.


The Public

Thrills for all! For all ages and all tastes!


With its inflatable board area and Moses system that takes the user out of the water flow if s/he falls, MADEAconcept keeps the whole family safe.


An attraction for both young and old, whatever their physical condition! Available in complete security from three years old.


For the more demanding, MADEAconcept solutions are also suitable for use in real professional training.


The Handigliss option can be used by people with reduced mobility.


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