The Waves

Our devices are modular and scalable. We can adapt to your needs the technical and financial solution. Choose the kind of installation, the size and the options!

The kind of installation :


• Fixed: set on the floor with flushable tank completely integrated in the environment.

• Mobile: mounted on stainless steel tank, it can be transported by truck, with folding board area.

• Floating: suitable for use in swimming pools or an existing water zone which could preserve different uses.


Fix Double Wave S8M

Simple Wave Mobile S6M

Floating Double Wave S8M

Choose the size


Define your wave according to the available space, the capacity, the attractivityand  the budget ! Three parameters : width, length and electrical power.



Examples :


- S8M 180 XL, from 1 to 2 tracks, width 9m, length 15m, power 180 kW.


- S12M 270, from 1 to 3 tracks, width 13m, length 12m, power 270 kW.


- S32M 900 XL, from 1 to 10 tracks, width 33m, length 15m, power 900 kW.


You decide, we build.


Choose the options :


Moses (stops the flow in case of fall), FREEsport (riding area elevating system), HANDIgliss (for disabled people), MADEAjump (jump module for experimented riders), servo-controlled water distribution…


To know more about our waves, its options and functions, please contact our commercial team :



Tel : +33 (0)1 60 66 31 20

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