MADEAconcept : a company which wants to take its responsibilities.


Make board sport for all : the founding principle of MADEAconcept


•  Access for all : beginners, professionals, people with limited mobility, can all discover riding pleasure, enhance their level, enjoy using our MADEAconcept simulators.


Respect the environment in the center of our industrial process


Because it is normal to respect the environment in which we live, MADEAconcept strives to manufacture simulators in keeping with the spirit of the age. Our commitment to sustainable development is highlighted particularly in the introduction of the following:


• A low energy consumption technology : the servo-controlled water distribution allows the water to be projected only around the user and not on the entire boarding surface. This process saves water and therefore energy.


• Use of recyclable materials : most of the materials used are recyclable and / or recycled (between 70 and 80%).


• The hydraulic procedures : we put in place systems for treatment and use of water in closed circuit.


• Life cycle analysis : during the development of our products, we perform life cycle analyses to control our impact on the environment.


• Integrated Landscape design : our simulators could be tailored to fit perfectly into your environment.




Exemple d'intégration paysagère

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