Product quality is a priority


We transpose the procedures used in aerospace and automotive manufacture to design simulators that are robust and ergonomic. All our products are verified by VERITAS and guaranteed for 1 year.  We train your staff to operate the machine (use + maintenance) and offer an after sales service.


To ensure optimum quality, MADEAconcept works with the most recognized brands in each of their respective fields, including Dassault Systèmes for tools design, Schneider and Siemens for electrical systems, Sulzer for the pumps, Syclope for water treatment..




Energy control : the key to reduce your operation cost


The servo-controlled water distribution allows optimization of the amount of water movement and thus reductions in energy consumption. Our simulators link the position of the water with the position of the person doing the sport and sends water directly under their board only and not to the entire boarding surface.


Flow management with the servo-controlled water distribution

Illustration of servo-control water distribution : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlG_1AdXrAY

High quality of service


We train your staff to an optimal use of the wave (operation and maintenance).


We can propose a tailor made after sale service, from a simple to a complete one with different collaborating solutions.


The reactivity of our after sale service is one of our basic engagement.


We are at your service to bring you answers to your needs.




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