Palma de Mallorca Dock39 center opened its doors the 22nd of September 2016 for the full pleasure of the visitors. Every customer of the FAN MALLORCA SHOPPING mall can taste and feel the surfing experience on The “Super Wave” made by MADEA. Come and see this unique mall in the heart of one of the famous European touristic destination.


Success and satisfaction ! Few words to qualify the operation of the WAVEsummer on the DOMAINE DU COLOMBIER resort hotel this summer 2016.


Look at the link below to appreciate some surf session and surprises prepared for the teenagers club :




COURCHEVEL, the famous ski resort in French Alps, opened its new aquatic center the 15th of December 2015. AQUAMOTION is among the biggest park in the region and proposes many activities, as the surf wave experience. This modular device is available for every people, from the many riders present in the mountain to people looking for leisure and amusement.


The Village Club of Sables d'Or and Cap Pirate hotel resort located in Cap d'Agde (close to the Mediterranean sea in France) buy the 9m witdth wave S8M. The will for a sustainable investment available from little children to adults made the choice for the MADEA device.


Buthiers leasure parc next to Paris decided to show the example in opening the first french surf indoor. To build a successful activity, they choose MADEAconcept which installed one of the bigger static wave in Europe. The S12M simulator of Buthiers allows surf and water skiing activity, from 1 to 3 riding lines, servo water control performances and Moses security.


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