MADEAconcept range


MADEAconcept offers a complete range of board sports simulators:
Mobiles board sports simulators, from the most compact to the most complete: Concentrated technology!
From S4Mmobile mini to S8Mmobile.
Our mobiles board simulators are ideal to create the event or to boost your seasonal leisure place !
Simulators all-in-one: MULTISPORTS practice !
Simulator S12M up to S20M with 20 meters wide!
Our static waves "all-in-one" are incredible attractions with many possibilities.
Surfing waves : MADEAconcept also offers board sports simulators entirely dedicated to the practice of waves sports such as surfing or bodyboarding. Mobile or fixed version, the size of your choice (width and length) and unique options.
All waves are modular and scalable, MADEAconcept fits your needs and offers you a tailor-made solution: choose size, type of installation, operation mode, your options and even the design!
For more information about or all-in-one board simulators and our surfing waves do not hesitate to contact our sales team: